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Our Solutions for Associations

Member optimized technology with world-class service.

Event & Conference System

Streamline your association’s events and conferences by automating all related workflows and processes.

Custom Solutions

With many years of development experience for small and large scale projects, we have the ability to custom build your online solution.

Personalize The Experience For Your Members

Every association is different. They each have unique requirements for membership management, event organization or continuing education. The right technology allows associations to address particular member needs while it is ensuring sustainability for the future. By providing intuitive, modern platforms and customizable services, Vocalmeet helps associations create and prepare for continued membership growth and revenue generation.


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Member Support


Increased Revenue


Member Satisfaction

Monetize Educational Programs

Continuing education is a reality for most industry professionals. Associations that offer programs online can reduce cost while gaining access to additional revenue streams for the organization. Vocalmeet's technology makes it easy for associations to offer webinars, webcasts and on-demand online learning courses to their members.

Digital Optimized

Modern search engine optimized (SEO) technology to ensure the highest relevance of your CE courses online.

Higher Satisfaction Rates

An intuitive user interface that makes course navigation as easy as 1-2-3 even for members that are not tech-savvy.

Improved Member Retention

Our clients have some of the highest member retention rates on the market thanks to Vocalmeet’s premium member support.

Drive Member Loyalty

The Vocalmeet CE platform comes with a customized marketing package to ensure ongoing member loyalty for your association.

Providing Greater Membership Value

One of the keys to associational sustainability is maintaining valuable member relationships and experiences. With Vocalmeet's technology and services, associations offer superior member experiences, on top of increased revenues through optimized workflows and e-commerce functionalities.

100% CE Compliance

The Vocalmeet learning platform meets 100% of current CE requirements.

Higher Efficiency

Streamline your association by automating your workflows, incl. e-commerce, accounting & member support.

Wider Reach

Vocalmeet technology can increase online attendance by 25% and more thanks to its full mobile support.

Increase Relevance

Our consultants, developers and customer support have many years of experience to help you every step of the way.

All Devices

Vocalmeet’s technology was built to support all devices without downloading additional software or apps.

Premium Support

We provide your members with premium customer support so you can focus fully on your association.

Growing Membership and Revenue

By providing members with access to customized online tools and online learning programs, we help associations engage a new generation of members while carefully addressing the needs of an existing member base in a digital age. Combined with complementary digital marketing, Vocalmeet’s clients generally see a 25% increase in online attendance after transitioning to Vocalmeet’s optimized technology for Associations.

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