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Take Your Learning Program to the Next Level with Vocalmeet’s LMS

Benefit from a modular based learning software for unparalleled cost efficient online learning.

Unlimited Multimedia Integration

Vocalmeet’s LMS can integrate any type of multimedia content e.g. video, audio, animations and much more.

Open Standards

Our platform is SCORM-ADL compliant, IMS LTI™ Certified and works with Open Badges.

Completion Tracking

Keep track of your learners’ progress with integrated course completion tracking.

Detailed Reporting and Logs

Wide range of customizable reports and logs.

Mobile Access

Access the platform and courses from any mobile device.

E-Commerce Functionality

Sell your courses easily using the integrated e-commerce storefront.

Our LMS Covers All Possible Online Learning Scenarios

Build the Learning Management System you need. Take a look at some of our modules below.


Video Learning

Include your own videos or integrate content from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

Course Catalog

Flexible course catalog for displaying courses.


Gamify your e-learning program with Vocalmeet LMS.

User Access Controls

Control access to your content based on users or user groups.


Add comprehensive testing and exam capabilities.


Validate learning with customized certificates.

Custom Branding

Brand the platform with your organization’s colors and logos.

External Resources

Embed almost any external resource for a robust learning experience.

Learning Plans

Structure your organization’s learning approach with learning plans based on individual roles or project assignments.

All-In-One Calendar

Make your events and course visible to your learners with the calendar module.

Live Streaming

Live stream your courses easily.


Record a virtual class and make it available to others who could not attend.

Social Learning

Transform Vocalmeet’s LMS into a social learning platform.


Use a whiteboard for a high-quality learning experience.

Registration Management

Managed or self registration – we cover it all.


Use Vocalmeet’s LMS to deliver your live presentation from your desk.

Feedback Activity

Create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from your learners.

Attendance Reporting

Verify online attendance with our reliable live reporting module.

Collaboration Management

Manage the way learners collaborate.

Discussion Forum

Keep the conversation going with our asynchronous discussion boards.


Provide web blogs for each user.


Encourage group work and collaboration with our integrated wiki.

Live Chat

Answer questions and support your learners with our live chat module.

Internal Messaging

Internal e-mail functionality as well as automatic alerts about new forum posts, assignments etc.

File Exchange

Easily upload, download and exchange documents.

Skills Tracking

Assign badges, track learning outcomes and encourage the development of skills.


Automatically calculate and store grades in the LMS gradebook.

The Most Cost-Efficient and Flexible LMS on the Market.

A leading edge Learning Management System for next generation online learning.


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We Make E-Learning Strategies Succeed

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LMS Hosting

We fully host your learning platform for the best user experience possible.


Our HelpDesk provides the guidance you need to fully manage your e-learning programs.


Take your e-learning to the next level with professional digital marketing.

Content Creation

Our content experts help you develop superior e-learning programs for your organization.

Custom Design

Implement your brand into your e-learning approach with Vocalmeet’s design experts.