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  • E-learning consultants with a unique and forward thinking approach to online learning.
  • We design an e-learning strategy that is specifically developed for your organization.
  • Ask us how! We provide the guidance to create a superior e-learning strategy

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Consulting benefits

Find the right access to change management, maximize operational efficiency and drive growth.

Modern & cost efficient

E-learning consultants who understand cost efficiency and work closely with you to determine the best model for your e-learning strategy.

Expert knowledge

Over 20 years of online learning experience combined to create a specific and results oriented consulting approach to e-learning.

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E-learning experts for Toronto

Toronto’s organizations rely on the right skills and performance of their employees to drive success. If done right, training can be the key to successfully executing your organization’s goals. That’s where we as experienced e-learning consultants come in. Vocalmeet brings together some of the brightest minds in online learning to guide you every step of the way. Based in Toronto, we help organizations find the right access to change, maximize operational efficiency and drive growth.

Toronto's E-Learning Consulting Experts

Our approach to e-learning consulting

Based on over 20 years of experience in e-learning we have combined practical research methods, the ADDIE model for instructional design and agile development practices to formulate our very own e-learning consulting methodology.

  • Practical research – we conduct first hand research through surveys, interviews and discussion groups to better understand your potential learners. Information such as their learning styles, expectations, skillsets and your organizational culture will help to shape your e-learning strategy.
  • ADDIE – The ADDIE model is a well established approach for building effective training and performance tools. Our approach includes the following steps: Overall Analysis, Conceptual Design, Strategy Development, E-learning Implementation, Goal Evaluation.
  • Agile – Throughout our e-learning consulting engagement we utilize various processes for continuous review, continuous process improvement, budget reviews and goal evaluation. Continuous evaluation and improvements will ensure the best overall results for your organization.