Vocalmeet Presents: the “4 Marketing Strategies to Increase CLE Revenue in 2021 and Beyond” Webinar

Today at 2:00pm EDT, Vocalmeet will be hosting a FREE webinar on how to increase your association’s CLE revenue in 2021 and beyond!

Join Vocalmeet’s own Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste and Anthony Campbell, as well as the Birmingham Bar Association’s Jennifer Buettner and the Middlesex County Bar’s Jonathon Cowles, as they cover:

  • How to Identify CLE’s That Attorneys Will Find Value In
  • Creative Pricing Strategies and Collaboration Ideas to Increase Revenue
  • The Critical Role Your Online Learning Platform Plays
  • How to Correctly Use Promotional Email to Increase CLE Revenue

Don’t miss this fantastic session; we hope to see you there!

Update: you can now watch the webinar recording and read the recap here.