Why MOA Chose Vocalmeet’s Platform and Marketing Assistance Program

The Minnesota Optometric Association (MOA) faced a challenge: they wanted to attract more members to their online continuing education platform and boost course sales while also providing continuing education that met the needs of Minnesotan optometrists. Recognizing the need to enhance their course offerings and improve their program marketing, MOA turned to Vocalmeet for a solution.

By partnering with Vocalmeet, MOA gained access to the free Marketing Assistance Program, featuring tailored promotional materials and monthly email templates equipped with exclusive discount codes for members, which helped incentivize enrollment in online education. Vocalmeet’s Learning Management System (LMS) also simplified course access, allowing MOA to offer a wide range of courses while streamlining the user experience.

Dedicated Support, Outstanding Outcomes

With dedicated support from their Vocalmeet project manager, MOA was well-equipped to navigate online marketing strategies and effectively promote their programs. The result? A revitalized online education strategy, increased course sales, enhanced member engagement, and efficient marketing, positioning MOA as a leader in delivering high-quality online education to its members!

Discover how we helped the Minnesota Optometric Association boost their online education and marketing by reading their case study below.

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