How to Sell Your Online Courses to Your Members

  If your association has motivated and ready-to-learn members, then you’re probably itching to offer them quality, valuable online courses. Your association has a lot to offer, and your online courses could be just the thing to get your members the networking and learning opportunities they need for their professional or academic careers. The first […]

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The Top 5 Strategies for Bar Associations to Increase CLE Revenue in 2021 and Beyond

  Creating successful online CLE programs that generate consistent revenue is no small feat. There are numerous factors that Bar Association leaders must take into account in order to provide value for attorneys. Some of these factors include; The Types of CLE Topics Offered The Usability of Their Online CLE Platform How CLE’s Are Promoted […]

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Your Guide to Buying an Online Learning Platform for Your Association

  Associations are seeing increased demand for online learning platforms, as they provide an excellent avenue in providing convenient and flexible options for members to complete their continuing education requirements. However, with so many online learning platforms to choose from, selecting a platform that meets your association’s needs–while also offering great value to your members–can […]

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Four Mistakes Agile Leaders Need to Avoid

  Every association needs an Agile leader to steer the ship towards peak efficiency and sustainability. The association world is highly competitive, complex, and constantly evolving. But while Agile leaders may possess many qualities that are the engine of the success of their association, it is also important for them to remember that they are […]

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3 Ways to Increase Non-dues Revenue for Your Association’s Online Continuing Education Program

Chart with line going up. A hand is also pointing upwards.

  Increasing non-dues revenue for your association’s online continuing education program requires you to focus on numerous components that all have to fit together to create value for your members. From the online learning platform you select, to the way you market your continuing education courses, creating a successful online continuing education program is a […]

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What Can Associations Do with Their Recorded Zoom Sessions?

  Many associations have used Zoom to conduct live online webinars, virtual conferences, and continuing education courses. Further, recording these online events has proven to be an important way to capture the knowledge shared by the speakers. This leads us to the next question: what can your association actually do with these files? Every one […]

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Can an Agile Mindset Benefit Association Leaders?

  No matter the industry, the ability to complete projects in an efficient, organized manner is essential to an association’s success. Whether you’re working as a leader or as part of a team, having the confidence that any task–big or small–is being executed at the highest level is critical. In the past, organizations placed greater […]

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Five Ways to Build an Airtight Business Case for an Online Learning Platform

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  If you are an association executive or decision-maker tasked with membership engagement, membership growth, and the generation of non-dues revenue, you will certainly understand the importance of offering continuing education as part of your strategy to achieve your association’s objectives.  While you may be fully aware of the benefits of offering continuing education programs […]

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