Success Story: How Our Learning Management System Helped the BBA Offer On-Demand CLE

The Birmingham Bar Association needed to quickly launch its learning management system in order for its members to complete their CLE requirements before the year-end deadline. By trusting and relying on Vocalmeet’s state-of-the-art technology and superior project management skills, the association successfully offered on-demand CLE courses to its members.

Trusted by Legal Associations to Deliver

Within a matter of weeks, the Birmingham Bar Association was able to provide on-demand continuing legal education courses to its members. Vocalmeet made the entire learning management system setup process simple and easy. The association could focus on delivering value to its members while relying on Vocalmeet to handle the course development and configure the technical aspects of the learning management system.

Discover how we helped the Birmingham Bar Association launch their on-demand continuing education platform by reading their case study below.

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