How the SBA Provides Live-Streamed and Pre-Recorded CLE Courses From a Single Platform

Being competitive is paramount for all types of legal organizations since attorneys have a magnitude of online options to complete their CLE requirements. In order to differentiate themselves from the crowd, the Shreveport Bar Association wanted an easy-to-use CLE platform that could host live-streamed and on-demand CLE courses.

One Vendor and One System for All of Your Online CLE Needs

From a single platform, the Shreveport Bar is able to offer live-streamed and on-demand CLE courses. Vocalmeet’s all-in-one platform provides a seamless experience for members and staff which helps to boost non-dues revenue. From course development to marketing, Vocalmeet works in tandem with the Shreveport Bar to help ensure the success of the platform.

Discover How the Shreveport Bar Association Successfully Provides More Options for Its Members to Complete Their CLE Requirements Online

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