How the New Jersey County Bar Network (NJCBN) Consolidated the Efforts of Multiple County Bars

In an over-saturated CLE marketplace, consolidation provides county bars with the opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency by reducing the amount of administrative work needed to run their own CLE platform. By utilizing Vocalmeet’s CLE platform, NJCBN is able to offer an extensive catalog of CLE courses from multiple county bars which help to boost non-dues revenue for each respective bar.

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With Vocalmeet’s fully managed service, NJCBN can focus on accelerating the growth of the network while each county bar focuses on creating timely and informative CLE. This allows everyone to maximize their skills and expertise which leads to increased sales and profitability.

Discover How NJCBN Created a Successful CLE Network by Using Vocalmeet’s All-in-One CLE Platform.

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