How to Attract and Engage with Younger Members (And Why It’s Important to Start Recruiting Millennials)

  If your association hasn’t started yet, it’s time to start aggressively recruiting millennials and engaging with these young professionals. But how and why? If you’re at a loss for an answer, don’t feel bad. Association board members, executives, and marketers have been just as stumped over the years. And with good reason. Stereotypes about […]

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Three Keys to Offering Great Lifelong Learning Programs

  As the saying goes, knowledge is power. For any association, it is important to provide  members with opportunities to continuously grow in their professions. To help achieve this, offering continuing education programs can be instrumental in attracting new members who are excited about learning opportunities that further their overall development and also provides opportunities […]

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Five Tips to Engage Members in Your Online Community

  Creating a private online community can have a profound impact on an association and its members.  It provides associations with the unique opportunity to establish a private social hub that caters specifically to members and at the same time foster engagement between members with similar mindsets and values. In addition, the online community can […]

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