3 Ways to Increase Non-dues Revenue for Your Association’s Online Continuing Education Program

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Increasing non-dues revenue for your association’s online continuing education program requires you to focus on numerous components that all have to fit together to create value for your members. From the online learning platform you select, to the way you market your continuing education courses, creating a successful online continuing education program is a continuous […]

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What Can Associations Do with Their Recorded Zoom Sessions?

Many associations have used Zoom to conduct live online webinars, virtual conferences, and continuing education courses. Further, recording these online events has proven to be an important way to capture the knowledge shared by the speakers. This leads us to the next question: what can your association actually do with these files? Every one of […]

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Can an Agile Mindset Benefit Association Leaders?

No matter the industry, the ability to complete projects in an efficient, organized manner is essential to an association’s success. Whether you’re working as a leader or as part of a team, having the confidence that any task–big or small–is being executed at the highest level is critical. In the past, organizations placed greater emphasis […]

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Five Ways to Build an Airtight Business Case for an Online Learning Platform

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If you are an association executive or decision-maker tasked with membership engagement, membership growth, and the generation of non-dues revenue, you will certainly understand the importance of offering continuing education as part of your strategy to achieve your association’s objectives.  While you may be fully aware of the benefits of offering continuing education programs online, […]

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How to Generate More Revenue in a Changing World

For most associations, increasing revenue often comes down to increasing memberships or completely altering the way the organization operates by decreasing costs. While some changes will inevitably have to be made to keep up with a changing world, there are ways to increase revenue without completely reshaping your association. While non-dues revenues are different from […]

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Why Associations Should Use One Platform for On-Demand and Live Events

  As more associations move their events online, and members become more comfortable with attending online sessions, the next step is for associations to focus on streamlining their online content. With only a handful of online sessions, associations could perhaps get away with posting one-off events on their website, while managing registrations and payments manually. […]

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10 Tips for Hosting Engaging Virtual Events for Associations

  It is no surprise that in-person events and conferences require a lot of time due to the meticulous planning and execution needed for a successful event. In addition, extensive advertising and promotions are a must in order for associations to maximize their return on investment. Hosting virtual events is no different, with one additional […]

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10 Ways for Associations to Offer Benefits for Sponsors and Exhibitors Online

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  As more events are being cancelled, many associations are opting to ramp up their online continuing education sessions and conferences in order to soften the negative financial impact. Some are pre-recording their sessions and making them available on-demand, while others are choosing to live-stream on the scheduled date. So, how does the shift towards […]

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Never Stop Learning: Continuing Education Inside and Out

  Offering continuing education courses can be a strong addition to any association’s membership offerings. Gaining access to courses and certifications gives professionals another reason to join your association and even more reasons to renew their membership. These can all lead to increases in non-dues revenue. In addition, offering continuing education courses can have many […]

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How Associations Can Benefit From Social Media

  Social media can yield many benefits for an association. In the marketing world, social media represents one of the strongest tools available. Utilizing this avenue can create more brand awareness than traditional advertising, increase traffic to your website, and help improve conversion rates for visitors and consumers. Yet there’s more to social media than […]

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