Journeying through CLE’s Past, Present, and Future

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Welcome to our journey through the evolution of continuing legal education (CLE)! In this blog post–based on the exciting presentation that Vocalmeet’s own Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste gave at ACLEA’s 60th Mid-Year Meeting–we’ll be taking a look at the not-so-distant history, current trends, and future possibilities of association CLE. As association leaders, you’re likely well […]

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Become the Go-to Continuing Education Resource for Your Members

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Association members today have countless options to explore when wanting to further their continuing education (CE) and develop their careers.  For convenience and simplicity, many rely on their association to provide them with these opportunities. In fact, many members go to their associations first for professional development!  For obvious reasons, associations should be ready, willing, […]

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Supercharge Your CE: Taking Advantage of Niche Content

Did you know? Over half of members join associations to learn industry best practices and to educate themselves on specialized topics–topics they can’t find anywhere else! What does that mean for member-based organizations? Well, they have to be proactive in providing content that is both useful and relevant to their members, as well as hits […]

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Building Better CLE: Tips for Bar Associations

It can be difficult for many attorneys to find good Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses. Fortunately, there are lots of resources available to turn to! Recently, Vocalmeet attended ACLEA’s 58th annual meeting, which was dedicated to helping bar associations improve their professional development programs. Most states require a certain number of CLE hours each year […]

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Profiting from Online Continuing Education

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How to Recession-Proof Your Association   In an increasingly competitive world, the ability for associations to distance themselves from their competition is becoming more and more difficult. Associations everywhere are looking for new ways to increase profits, attract more members, and retain them for longer. Thankfully, continuing education–particularly of the online variety!–has proven to be […]

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5 Ways Online Instructors Can Improve Their Presentations

A woman teaching an online course, speaking to her laptop's webcam

  Online learning grants participants the opportunity to learn almost anything from anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, like any course in a physical setting, online classes can come with their own challenges and obstacles if the instructor isn’t prepared. While there are many solutions and workarounds for these potential obstacles, acknowledging and preparing for impediments […]

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5 Ways That Mobile Learning Enhances Online Education

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  In the vast world of online education, there is often a fine line between beneficial components and unnecessary complications. Most associations want an eLearning system that provides the most effective educational experience for their users: one that includes advanced tools and up-to-date, efficient features–but one that is also straightforward and easy to use. So, […]

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How to Offer Hands-on Training Courses Online

A woman at a computer teaching a course

  Your organization has been offering practical, hands-on training for years, delivering them in-person. Recently, however, you’ve been thinking of expanding beyond the classroom in order to increase revenue. You also think this may be the right time to make the jump to e-Learning, as some of your members have inquired about attending courses online. […]

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eLearning is Dead (Or is it?)

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By Marcus Thraen and Doug Wintermute.   Sadly, it’s true; eLearning is dead…or, at least, the early, far-fetched dream of eLearning is. While the term eLearning (coined by Jay Cross (Cross 109)) only surfaced in 1998, the concepts, the hopes, and (unfortunately) the realities of “eLearning” were witnessed long before the internet in other forms […]

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