Who Doesn’t Love a Good Discount?

Spilled dice, all with the percentage symbol on them.

It’s hard to argue; while course discounts may not be the end-all, be-all decider, the way to your members’ hearts definitely takes a detour through their pockets. With the rising costs of…well, everything, your members will appreciate the savings–and your association will appreciate the results! Now, while discounts and bundles and incentives (oh my!) may […]

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Extending a Hand: Hosting a Solid Mentorship Program

For both associations and members, mentorship programs can have a lasting impact. And, with the right setup, these programs can become one of the most effective methods for attracting and retaining members! Mentorships can build trust and loyalty between people and associations, while also touching the lives of members at all different stages of their […]

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Boredom is the Enemy: How Proper Engagement Retains Members

A woman with her head on the desk, unengaged

While many associations place the bulk of their attention on bringing in new members, retaining members is every bit as important. It also requires substantially less time and money. Because of this, if associations dedicated more of their efforts to keeping current members satisfied, they could make a significant contribution to member numbers year over […]

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Benefits of Digitizing In-Person Events and Conferences for Associations

  In-person events, such as conferences and conventions, have long been the staple of associations’ non-dues revenue streams. In fact, as much as 41% consider it their most valuable source of ancillary earnings, according to Association Adviser. Organized properly, they can certainly help diversify revenue, create necessary brand recognition and member loyalty. However, in person […]

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What’s Driving Member Loyalty?

  Members are the life blood of every association. Therefore, associations make concerted efforts to attract new members. While attracting new members is a critical component of a sustainable association, retaining existing members should not be overlooked. Every year, more associations are shifting their primary focus to member retention. The numbers don’t lie. Acquiring a […]

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How to Start Using Change: An Association’s Guide to Shifting Priorities

  Future-proof Your Association We’ve all heard a variation of that old adage, “nothing is more permanent than change.” Attributed to ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, it’s the idea that we are in a universal flux, and change is the only constant. As deep and academically distant as it sounds, the notion is very much relevant […]

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Innovation Benchmarking for Associations in 2018

  For most associations, innovation is the key to organizational success. In fact, according to the Innovation Benchmarking Research Results, a study conducted by the National Business Aviation Association in 2018, 80% of associations have adopted a “culture of innovation.” But what exactly is innovation, and how does it benefit associations? While innovation carries different […]

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Strategies for Membership Renewal

  Increasing membership is, without a doubt, critical to an association’s success. But even more important is ensuring that members are retained year after year. It’s true that renewal periods present a unique challenge for associations. They’re an opportunity for members to reflect on the value they’ve experienced from paying a fee and, ultimately, whether […]

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Profiting from Online Continuing Education

An image representing revenue growth

How to Recession-Proof Your Association   In an increasingly competitive world, the ability for associations to distance themselves from their competition is becoming more and more difficult. Associations everywhere are looking for new ways to increase profits, attract more members, and retain them for longer. Thankfully, continuing education–particularly of the online variety!–has proven to be […]

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