Staff Shortages and Associations: How the Right LMS Can Help You Out

A meeting table surrounded by empty chairs, indicating staff shortages for this association.

Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency in your association, while also dealing with staff shortages? Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? Don’t worry–there’s a software solution to help you out, and it’s called a Learning Management System (LMS)! The right LMS can help bridge the staff shortage gap and […]

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Technology Consolidation: Why Should Your Association Consider It?

Technology consolidation is the process of integrating multiple technology platforms into a single system. This can be done for a variety of reasons, but it’s often performed to improve efficiency or reduce costs. Professional associations often need to consolidate their technology in order to keep up with the changing landscape of the workforce. As new […]

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Technology Tips and Tools to Help Bar Associations Build Trust and Support Members – Part 5

A person sitting at a laptop using social media.

Since starting the Vocalmeet/Lexum article series, we’ve covered website improvement, research tools, cloud functionality, and online safety. Today, we’ll wrap up by covering how you can gain attention and help members with one of the internet’s best networking tools: social media! Tool: Social Media (and Related Apps) Next to your association’s website, social media may […]

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Technology Tips and Tools to Help Bar Associations Build Trust and Support Members – Part 4

An image of a digital lock.

We’ve now covered your bar association’s website, research tools, and cloud functionality; this time, we’ll be looking at how to protect your organization from internet miscreants and digital troublemakers! Tip: Safety First You want your association’s data to be accessible, but not too accessible–at least, not to the wrong people! Keep your files secure by […]

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SaaS Integration and Member-Based Organizations: What You Need to Know

As member-based organizations increasingly rely on technology to run their operations and interact with their members, the value of integrating an association’s applications with the rest of its technology can’t be overstated. Software as a Service (SaaS) integration is the process of integrating your organization’s software applications with each other, as well as with any […]

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Academic vs Association LMS: 4 Key Differences

Last time, we covered the differences between custom-built enterprise learning management systems (LMS) and association LMS; this time, we’ll be going over how academic systems differ from those made for associations. 1. Academic LMS focus on grades; associations focus on professional development First, let’s look at the core reason for each LMS. What is the […]

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SaaS vs Custom LMS: Which is Right for Your Association?

One of the biggest challenges an association leader can face when choosing a learning management system (LMS) is figuring out whether a custom-built enterprise LMS or software as a service (SaaS) LMS is best for them. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so it can be difficult to decide which is the ideal system for […]

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Launching Your New LMS: 6 Steps for a Successful Rollout

There’s more to consider than just the software when it comes to launching a new learning management system (LMS). In fact, the implementation process is one of the most important aspects of a successful LMS project–and one that association leaders often overlook. Your LMS project can quickly go off the rails if it isn’t adequately […]

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Increase Non-dues Revenue with Interactive and Competency Based elearning

Vector-based graphic of a woman standing on an ascending bar graph. There is also a line graph that is ascending upwards

Increasing non-dues revenue is one of the primary challenges that associations face today. While selling online education courses is a valuable revenue source for some associations, there are ever-increasing opportunities for associations looking to expand their catalog. This article discusses strategies that associations can adopt to expand their catalog and increase non-dues revenue. Interactive Courses: […]

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Keeping Members on Your Association’s Website

Capturing the interest of members both new and old is one of the most important goals for any association; however, it’s not enough to just create interest. To drive successful and continuous engagement, associations need to take their audience from the initial contact all the way to their goal– whether that goal be information, a […]

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