What Can Associations Do with Their Recorded Zoom Sessions?

Many associations have used Zoom to conduct live online webinars, virtual conferences, and continuing education courses. Further, recording these online events has proven to be an important way to capture the knowledge shared by the speakers. This leads us to the next question: what can your association actually do with these files?

Every one of your recorded sessions represents an opportunity for your association to provide timely and educational information to your members, while also creating new streams of non-dues revenue! By extending the usefulness of your recorded Zoom sessions, your association’s return on investment increases.

This post will discuss what associations can do with their recorded Zoom sessions to add value to their memberships and increase non-dues revenue.

Create On-Demand Continuing Education Courses from Your Recorded Zoom Sessions

Your library of recorded Zoom sessions is composed of the perfect building blocks to generate new streams of non-dues revenue for your association. By offering the recorded sessions as on-demand courses, your association can extend the value of each one while also increasing member engagement. Members who were unable to attend your sessions will now be able to access the recorded version on-demand and even earn CE credits at the same time!

Additionally, providing convenient and easy-to-use online options for your members to access your recorded content and complete their CE requirements underscores and increases the value of membership with your association. From your members’ perspectives, having access to quality CE programs helps them stay up-to-date and allows them to remain competitive within their field.

Simply Uploading Recorded Sessions to Your Website or a Video-Sharing Platform Won’t Cut It.

Although uploading recorded sessions to your website may strike you as easier, offering quality online continuing education requires much more than just linking members to your recordings. You will need to track attendance, produce completion certificates, facilitate payment, and answer any questions your members may possess. Tracking these requirements manually will create substantial administrative work for your staff, leading to your team spending less time on your members.

An Online Learning Platform Makes It Easy for Associations to Offer Online Continuing Education

In order to generate non-dues revenue from your recorded Zoom sessions, you will need to use an e-commerce enabled online learning platform

These platforms make it easy for your association to offer on-demand continuing education courses while reducing administrative work for your staff and making payment simple and easy. 

Before selecting an online learning platform, ensure that the platform tracks user progress, restricts users from jumping to the end of the video, produces completion certificates automatically, facilitates payments, and navigates easily. The purpose of using an online learning platform is to make it easy for your members to access and pay for your courses online while simultaneously increasing non-dues revenue for your association. 

Marketing Your Online Continuing Education Courses is Key

Marketing your online courses is an essential element to the success of your online continuing education courses. Your association must create marketing campaigns that promote your online continuing education courses and remind members that completing their continuing education requirements with you online is easy. 

While creating marketing campaigns is something that your association staff will have to commit to and handle, the return-on-investment is well worth the time. 

Align Your Upcoming Zoom Sessions to Your Continuing Education Strategy

When planning your next webinar, virtual conference session, or continuing education course, always have your continuing education strategy in mind. If you arrange your plan correctly, taking everything into account, the educational sessions you create will be able to generate revenue for months (and even years!) after the original session ends. Think ahead, and be sure to structure all of your Zoom sessions so that they can easily be repurposed as on-demand continuing education courses.


With a little elbow grease and a bit of forethought, your library of Zoom recordings can become a valuable asset that could generate significant revenue for your association in the future. Offering your Zoom recordings as online continuing education courses is a worthwhile endeavor for all, creating better value for your members and higher non-dues revenue for your association.