Attracting More Sponsors: the Live Stream Appeal

A video camera live streams an in-person event session.

Associations and sponsors go together like peas in a pod.

On the association side, sponsors can help offset the cost of events. On the sponsor side, the more attendees an event gathers, the better the opportunity to boost their brand.

Because of this, adding a live stream to an event is an excellent way to improve sponsorship opportunities. While there’s no guarantee you’ll hook your ideal target every time (this is life, after all!), there’s no better way to land a big catch than to increase the value you offer–and boy, do live streams help you offer!

Now, while many of the draws of live streams are the same as in-person events, there are some differences. For instance:

  • Live streams present fewer geographical limitations and can offer a more varied audience.
  • Live streams can extend a sponsorship past the event date.
  • Sponsorship content in a live stream can be presented and viewed in multiple ways.

The reality is, sponsors are interested in pairing up with live streams for a lot of the same reasons that your organization decided to implement them in the first place. Now, it’s just up to you to make sure that it’s your live stream that those sponsors choose!

Let’s take a look at how to accomplish this:

1. Upgrade your Stream

The first step to attracting sponsors is to work on your stream.

If your stream looks amateurish, is hard to access, or features an unstable presentation or connection, your viewership will suffer. Few viewers will tune in and even fewer will stick around! This, of course, presents a major issue for sponsors.

How do you avoid these issues without breaking the bank? Let’s find out!

  1. You can develop a professional-looking stream with just a smartphone, some quality lighting (ring lights and light panels, anyone?), and a sturdy tripod. You may consider implementing an external microphone to capture high-quality audio, too.
  2. Next, you’ll want to ensure that your connection is strong. Latency issues will drive away viewers more than most other factors–no one likes lag!
  3. Finally, by hosting your live stream on a reputable streaming platform, you assure sponsors that viewers will be able to access the stream and receive the necessary support, should they need it.

How about that? It’s as simple as one-two-three!

2. Help Them Be Known

For most sponsors, one of the most important details is visibility. How will viewers know that the event, the organization, or the live stream itself is sponsored?

With the wide variety of streaming platforms and technologies available in this market, streamers can promote their sponsors in a growing number of ways:

  • Event planners can have speakers verbally promote the brand.
  • Associations can display a sponsor logo in the shot.
  • Sponsors can have their own dedicated segments (for instance, introducing sessions or hosting their own informative talks).
  • Logos can be added to the event landing page (and even overlaid in the event recording in post!).

With the right live streaming partners and platform, associations can offer different levels of promotion to match the needs of their various sponsors.

3. Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

While some sponsors are content with having their logo posted on a live stream, there are those who would be interested in having more involvement in the organizations and the streams that they sponsor.

Up the ante for sponsors by including them in your event in various ways. For instance, associations can:

  • Offer sponsors an exhibitor position.
  • Use one of their products as a central component at the event.
  • Include links or downloadable information about sponsors to drive engagement from viewers.

Another positive about offering a variety of sponsorship options is that your organization can provide tiered sponsorship levels. This gives sponsors a selection to choose from, enabling them to get the right level of involvement at the right price.

Organizations may even want to offer an a la carte approach to sponsorship packages, allowing sponsors to completely customize their involvement. Display your flexibility and your value all in one go!

4. Present a Thorough Plan

Whether you’re reaching out to individual sponsors or presenting a blanket advertisement to attract a variety of organizations, what you need is a solid event plan.

It’s important to know and communicate your event’s purpose, its main themes, and what your audience demographics look like. Paint as clear a picture as you can in order to increase the quality and the relevance of your sponsors.

When searching for individual sponsors, look for those organizations that share your target audience. This will increase the stakes for them and their involvement. Consider what your values are and what themes you wish to illuminate during the event. Then, look for sponsors that align with these values and themes.

The consistency between association, event, and sponsor not only makes it more appealing for sponsors, but it can improve the overall experience for attendees as well!

5. Extend Your Reach

When it comes to sponsorships, live streamed events may look a little different than traditional events.

For one, the audience may be slightly different. Live streams offer a wider geographical reach than most in-person events, which means you’ll be bringing in additional viewers–some outside of your normal pull. This can provide more incentive for sponsors beyond your event’s specific location.

Not just this–an online setting provides the perfect opportunity to promote online-related brands and products. Because of this, you may even consider hosting additional sponsors; some for in-person events and some for the live stream aspect. Consider this for your tiered package approach (as outlined above!).

Your event’s reach doesn’t end here, however: many organizations choose to reuse their live stream content:

  • In some cases, organizations allow users to rewatch the stream for a set period of time.
  • Some organizations allow users to purchase viewing rights to the stream as a stand-alone course.
  • Further still, some associations repackage their stream content into full training programs or use them in workshops.
  • Some will even use snippets of a stream for marketing purposes

Whatever you choose, the results are all the same: the content’s life cycle is extended.

For a sponsor, this can mean extended visibility and higher sponsorship value. Consider some new ways that your organization can reuse your live stream content and you might uncover some new sponsorship opportunities while you’re at it!

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When looking to attract sponsors to your next event, don’t sleep on live streaming and the value it can bring. The relationship between associations and sponsors is bolstered by live streaming’s ability to transcend physical boundaries, extend brand exposure, and engage diverse audiences.

Stand out in the eyes of your potential sponsors: optimize your live stream quality, feature them prominently, integrate their presence, present a comprehensive plan, and maximize your reach. Do this and you’ll create a winning formula that not only enriches your events but also entices sponsors to choose your association’s live stream as its ideal partnership opportunity.

So, set the stage, roll the cameras, and let your live stream shine as a beacon that sponsors can’t resist!