How Vocalmeet Can Help Your Association Increase Member Engagement and Grow Revenue

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According to the 2014 Operating Ratio Report from the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE), most associations have five primary revenue sources (outside of private donors):

  • Memberships
  • Events
  • Certifications
  • Educational programs
  • The sale of goods and services

With today’s association members wanting to engage with associations online, Vocalmeet understands that a positive experience with your online system is one of the key ways associations can achieve this and, in so doing, increase revenue and grow membership.

By focusing on these key revenue generators, we ensure associations continue to deliver high value to their members and contribute to the long term sustainability of the association.

Let’s take a look at how!

1. Improve the Member Registration and Renewal Process

Registration has never been easier than it is with Vocalmeet.

Members are no longer required to fill out lengthy forms, nor do they need to wait for a certain date to get the most of their annual dues (nor submit their membership renewals!).

Vocalmeet’s online forms make it easy to sign up and even easier for administrators to track and analyze membership data. Member management is also dramatically improved, allowing for quick, easy, and personalized communication with members–keeping them more aware and engaged than you ever thought possible!

The online platform also has the added benefits of a much wider reach for potential members, as well as compatibility with different marketing channels (such as the major email providers), which helps boost both membership and advertising potential.

2. Generate Revenue with Online Learning and Certification

With the ability to offer courses and certifications online through Vocalmeet’s platform, your association can provide flexible learning opportunities to a wider member network than ever before. Online courses can also significantly decrease overhead costs for physical space, as well as the dollar-per-student costs that in-person training can rack up.

By monetizing and mobilizing rich online content (such as eLearning courses, webinars, digital publications, and more), associations can drive increased traffic and entice further sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

3. Simplify Event Registration and Increase Attendance

Just like association registration, event registration and marketing are made easy and effective with Vocalmeet’s intuitive event registration platform.

By running effective marketing campaigns for your events that speak directly to your members, your association can create a continued buzz for your upcoming events. The platform also allows associations to send automatic promotional emails through email marketing solutions like MailChimp and Constant Contact, effectively auto-marketing your events.

To accommodate members and attendees that cannot be present, Vocalmeet can also help your association create online or hybrid events that will provide a more mobile and flexible event platform, as well as an added medium for advertising and sponsorship dollars.

4. Build a Great Online Marketplace

Another potential–though largely underutilized–revenue stream for associations can be found in their online stores or marketplaces.

With Vocalmeet’s easy-to-use store settings, you can take online orders for the sale of goods and services, offering different delivery methods and even presenting varying options and prices to different members and membership levels. This is a great opportunity to publish and sell your content to members and site visitors! The purchased items are available for immediate download and viewing.

The ability to track and analyze this information also provides your association with additional information about your membership and clientele–pivotal data when approaching sponsors and advertisers!

5. Grow Revenue and Maximize Member Engagement with Digital Marketing

Not only does Vocalmeet have the ability to throw a much wider membership net–reaching and influencing a greater number of potential members–we can help to modernize your marketing efforts, too! 

Using our platform’s compatibility with different online marketing channels (such as major email solutions like MailChimp and Constant Contact, as well as other digital marketing giants like Facebook and LinkedIn), marketing not only keeps your connected members more engaged, but it also helps you generate new and future members!

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If you’re looking to bring your association up to date, don’t hesitate to contact us. Have any questions? Interested in a free demo? Visit us at or call our toll free number (866) 553-4540 and we’ll help you out!



Operating Ratio Report (14th Edition, October 2014). The American Society for Association Executives (ASAE).


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